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A Christmas Message

Hi and a big welcome to The Move For Wellness website. For us the Christmas spirit is alive and kicking!

Recovering From an Injury

As many people will recall during the summer, just as I was starting my training for the London Marathon, I woke up and found during the night some wee beasties decided my right calf was their dinner platter. Obviously, as I was on a training schedule, I still needed to get the miles in and set off on my usual mid-week course which is around 6-7km long…

Exercising Comes in Different Forms

Nancie talks about the different forms exercise can come in, mental health and getting moving - by focusing on what you can do, not what you ‘should’ do.

Supporting Peoples’ Mental Health

David talks about Supporting Peoples’ Mental Health

Never Run Before You Can Walk

David chats about his exercise regime and over doing it while on holiday - and what he learned from that.

The mythology of steps

We are constantly being told that we must strive to walk a minimum on 10,000 steps a day and for insurance companies such as Vitality, if you hit this target, you get rewarded…

Are you fit for your own trial?

The trial I’m talking about is what we face every day, or should I have titled this Are you fit for your own test?

Ramblings of a 64 year old

David has a good ramble about life and exercise!

How does training for an event such as a Marathon relate to “normal” Life?

Actually, this should probably be entitled “What connects training for a marathon, your first day at school or just “doing your job” On paper nothing but in reality, everything.

On Losing Weight with Mobility Issues and Why We Need to Get Moving!

Nancie, one of our superstar regulars has done a video about loosing weight when you’re disabled.