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What is Move for Wellness about?

David took advantage of the nice weather to sit and explain what Move for Wellness is about, who it helps and why we do what we do.

Bad Influencers

What do I mean by bad influencers? Am I talking about weight or maybe about work or gender or lifestyle “Gurus”?

Sadly, there are really only two types of influencers Good and bad.

getting up on crutches blog image

Getting up on crutches

Nancie tells us about the struggle of getting up on crutches from the floor – especially when exercising and how persevering got her through.

Looking towards the New Year

David talks about the New Year, resolutions and where Move for Wellness is heading – and how you can get involved! Move For Wellness is all about moving and enjoying life whatever your physical or mental health. You can join our Facebook group: Sign up for our newsletter:

A Christmas Video Message

David gives a Christmas message and a reminder about those that struggle at this time of year.

Living with Chronic Illness

This blog is about the ladies that support him in running move for wellness and their experiences living with chronic illness.

Supporting Peoples’ Mental Health

David talks about Supporting Peoples’ Mental Health

Never Run Before You Can Walk

David chats about his exercise regime and over doing it while on holiday - and what he learned from that.

The mythology of steps

We are constantly being told that we must strive to walk a minimum on 10,000 steps a day and for insurance companies such as Vitality, if you hit this target, you get rewarded…

Are you fit for your own trial?

The trial I’m talking about is what we face every day, or should I have titled this Are you fit for your own test?