Are you fit for your own trial?

Are you fit for your own trial?

Sorry if this is a weird title for the blog & I’m sure you are wondering what Trial & has David lost his mind.

The answer is no I’ve not lost my mind, well I don’t think I have. No, the trial I’m talking about is what we face every day, or should I have titled this Are you fit for your own test?

As everyone knows until around 12 weeks ago, I was training for the London Marathon, but due to an injury, possible now thought to be a stress fracture all running had to stop. However, and hopefully when I get back from holiday, I will be passed fit to resume training.

I know a few years ago I would have just put my trainers and resumed running, ok slow at first but still doing the same thing as before. However, now things are different as I’m taking proper advice from my PT. Becky has said for the first few sessions will be a mixture of walking, jogging and stretching and only when she is satisfied will I be allowed to resume longer running starting with 5k.

However, because of the issue Becky will be monitoring my trainers plus working out a proper nutritionally rich diet so that in future running should be comfortable. It was only recently, that I realised that when I ran more than 20km my knees hurt plus I got pain in my quads. I’ve been assured that if I follow the diet and hydration plan then I will no longer have any issues.

So the question is are you fit for your own tests?


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