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Final Thoughts After The Marathon

Wow and after 6 hours 10 minutes and 11 seconds it’s over. People keep asking how I am feeling and congratulating me on my effort. I must admit Sunday was a real rollercoaster of emotions and when I finished, I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt, but as with all good stories let’s start at the beginning…

Recovering From an Injury

As many people will recall during the summer, just as I was starting my training for the London Marathon, I woke up and found during the night some wee beasties decided my right calf was their dinner platter. Obviously, as I was on a training schedule, I still needed to get the miles in and set off on my usual mid-week course which is around 6-7km long…

Are you fit for your own trial?

The trial I’m talking about is what we face every day, or should I have titled this Are you fit for your own test?

How does training for an event such as a Marathon relate to “normal” Life?

Actually, this should probably be entitled “What connects training for a marathon, your first day at school or just “doing your job” On paper nothing but in reality, everything.

How do you handle disappointment?

How many times have you prepared yourself for something really major maybe, it’s your first time addressing a conference or an exhibition. You have practiced your presentation, your slide show is the dogs doo dahs, you have selected your outfit for the day so you look a million dollars and when your moment comes you will shine and your presentation will be really well received and you will lap up the adulation. Then a week before the event you find that you can’t go ahead because you’ve caught Covid or some other similar virus, I’m certain you would feel gutted

Marathon Training Begins

As I have explained on Sunday 2 October, I will be running the London Marathon the hard way, on my own. However, the training I will need to do, is in reality no different from someone training to be part of the London, or Manchester, or Brighton or any marathon.

Why a Marathon?

The following are questions I am often asked:

Why does a 64 year old man want to take part in a marathon?

Have you ever run a Marathon?

Are you capable of running a Marathon?

How are you training?

What is your nutrition & hydration plan?

Hopefully over the next few posts I will be able to enlighten you.