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Final Thoughts After The Marathon

Wow and after 6 hours 10 minutes and 11 seconds it’s over. People keep asking how I am feeling and congratulating me on my effort. I must admit Sunday was a real rollercoaster of emotions and when I finished, I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt, but as with all good stories let’s start at the beginning…

Lessons learned training for the Marathon

As I enter the last week before the London Marathon, I’m in what is known as the tapering
stage. So now is the time to also reflect on the lessons I have learned plus some of the
negative things I have encountered.

Hitting the Wall!!!!!

Now we have all heard the expression “Hitting the Wall” generally during a marathon and while I have been advised about what it feels like I didn’t expect to feel it towards the end of a training run. I’ll try and put it into some sort of context

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What I’m learning from Training for The Marathon

With 71 days to go until The London Marathon (Sunday 23 April) it is obviously important to ensure I get out and run. One of the most sensible thongs I have done is find an amazing PT, who has fortunately run a few marathons in the past…

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How to Motivate Yourself to Move When You Kinda Can’t (or Karen’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Chronic illness sucks. It’s hard to keep moving when you have no energy. If a walk to town will wipe you out for days then you most likely won’t and, honestly, probably shouldn’t. Equally, you don’t want to not move at all as you can seize up. Lots of exercise advice is aimed at people who are healthy and able, or at least able. Gradually building up activity doesn’t work if your energy levels won’t increase with it; you can be left feeling worse than you did and less able to move.

Looking towards the New Year

David talks about the New Year, resolutions and where Move for Wellness is heading – and how you can get involved! Move For Wellness is all about moving and enjoying life whatever your physical or mental health. You can join our Facebook group: Sign up for our newsletter:

Skipping Through Life

Nancie talk about skipping through life and doing things a different way so it works for you!

Recovering From an Injury

As many people will recall during the summer, just as I was starting my training for the London Marathon, I woke up and found during the night some wee beasties decided my right calf was their dinner platter. Obviously, as I was on a training schedule, I still needed to get the miles in and set off on my usual mid-week course which is around 6-7km long…

Exercising Comes in Different Forms

Nancie talks about the different forms exercise can come in, mental health and getting moving - by focusing on what you can do, not what you ‘should’ do.

Never Run Before You Can Walk

David chats about his exercise regime and over doing it while on holiday - and what he learned from that.