What I’m learning from Training for The Marathon

What I’m learning from Training for The Marathon

What I’m learning from Training for The Marathon blog image

With 69 days to go until The London Marathon (Sunday 23 April) it is obviously important to ensure I get out and run. One of the most sensible thongs I have done is find an amazing PT, who has fortunately run a few marathons in the past.

As I have disclosed, Becky has turned my nutritional world upside down as before I started training properly I stuck to a Keto Lifestyle. The only problem was by the time I reached 10 miles, the tank was empty. So thanks to Becky I have changed my diet and now start the day with a bowl of porridge, except on long run days when I have overnight oats.

Now Becky has also set me a training regime, which I know I need to stick to. The regime is:

Monday 8 miles

Tuesday 8 Miles

Wednesday either cycle for 90 minutes or run for 10 miles

Thursday is a rest day.

Friday is swimming and walking.

Saturday if I’m not taking part in an organised race is a long run

Sunday is a rest day.

So, what lessons have I learned so far? Well number 1 is if I want to be able to complete the Marathon the most important thing I did was find Becky. But that’s the same in business, the sensible business “owner” is find a business coach who you trust and allow them to help you grow and develop your business.

Lesson number 2 when you feel like you want a duvet day, you can do that but guess what nobody is going to do what you need to do. For instance this morning Becky had challenged me to run 14 miles (my longest so far) and I must admit, I really didn’t fancy going out because my legs felt tired, my back was sore, felt a bit yuk. But then I remembered its 71 days to the marathon and every mile I do will help. So, I set off and the first couple of miles were hard, I really wasn’t enjoying it. But then something happened, I started to enjoy the run & in the end I ran a comfortable 14.2 miles.

So the lesson I learned today was sometimes you just have to suck up the “Bluh” feeling and just do it.

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