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Just realised that early this morning after walking/jogging & spinning the #maninatutu reached the beautiful town of Barnstable.

While wearing a Tutu while jogging or in the gym generates some great smiles, the reason I donned it, is very serious. As we all know the ramifications of the various Covid Lockdowns has created a minefield of people now suffering from the trauma of seeing loved ones being hospitalised and in many cases dying. So many are now suffering from survivor complex that the NHS cannot offer them anything more than a tranquillizer.

We at Move For Wellness feel that this is wrong and the aim of the virtual 2728 mile walk/jog/spin around the coast of the UK is to raise £36,500.00. The money will be used to provide help to those in need.

Obviously the more we raise the more we can look to help. So while I set off on the next leg to Bristol which is 138 miles from Barnstable I would love it if you can support #maninthetutu and donate to our JustGiving fundraising Page